Using Bucket Trucks and Boom Lifts For Photography


Using Bucket Trucks for Photography There are many practical uses for a bucket truck rental that involve a construction site; however, you can also rent one for aerial photography and filming. Bucket trucks offer professional photographers a safe haven above ground for scenic filming. Bucket truck rentals are easy to operate and move have a simple lever operating system that includes: lower boom control, upper boom control, and bucket extend or retract control and a bucket rotation control.

Plan Your Shoot First you have to determine what you want to accomplish with this piece of equipment. Where will you be filming? Will you need the truck for more than a day? Are you qualified to operate the bucket truck? These are all important questions to consider. There are numerous filming uses for a bucket truck including movie shooting, landscape photography and overhead portraits of large groups of people. Chart out your attack plan.

Renting a Bucket Truck There's a wide variety of bucket trucks and boom lifts and each have different working heights. Ranging from 30 ft to over 120 ft, there's plenty of options to suit your photo shoot. Single bucket trucks are more than suitable for most photography applications with a weight limit of up to 350 pounds. If you require a tripod for the camera, there are large bucket trucks that might be more suitable.

Taking the Photos It's ideal to have an assistant with you on the day of the photo shoot. Having another set of eyes assist you when raising your bucket truck lift will eliminate delayed shooting and potential hazards that the bucket operator cannot see. If you planned your shoot and mapped out the angles you plan on photographing, then you'll be good to go.

Where Can I Rent a Bucket Truck in Atlanta, GA?

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