We are a family run business serving our customers since 1967. UELC provides rental, leasing, service and sales of utility vehicles nationwide. We can provide low rates, fast service, customized financing and same day follow-up. We offer flexible equipment rental, leasing and purchase options and can provide late model equipment, average age 2.5 years. We're easy to do business with!

1. No Capital Investment

  • Frees up business capital
  • Expense associated with specific job
  • Capital can be applied to other expenses
  • Can improve your bottom line
  • Control expenses
  • Allows for flexibility to prioritize capital expenditures
    and yet still get your job done with the equipment you need

2. Fixed Cost

  • Can eliminate costly service shops, tooling, spare parts, and cumbersome maintenance records
  •  No cost associated with inspections, dielectric test and DOT inspections
  •  Maintenance items are covered
  • Simplify your bidding and billing

3. Increase Crew Efficiency

  • By renting equipment, crews can work with newer equipment, utilizing the most innovative, productive technology available
  • Safer jobs: rent exactly what you need
  • You will be using the right equipment to get the job done
    right the first time

4. Eliminate Storage Cost

  • Renting will eliminate the need for a fleet yard for storage
  • Rental equipment many times is more regional
    and can be picked up and delivered back to locations close to the job site

5. No Equipment Obsolescence

  • Eliminates concern for costly depreciation
  • No more trying to get the job done with old, worn out equipment

6. Maximize Equipment/Crew Utilization

  • Rental of newer equipment models with faster, newer technology
  • Maintenance included in standad rentals: if equip- ment breaks, it's repaired quickly or swapped out
  • 24/7 repair
  • Crews will keep working...maximize productivity
  • All equipment inspected prior to rental
  • Rental covers cost of towing, if necessary

7. Cost Controls

  • Rental will provide equipment when you need it, keeping
    inventory to a minimum
  •  Rent for the need controls the cost of idle equipment
    sitting in your yard
  • Regular billing on rental equipment helps you control
    and track costs

8. Save Precious Administrative Time

  • Save time
  • Eliminate administration of fleet services
  • Rental equipment is titled and licensed, saving
    you time and money
  • Peace of mind
  • Less paperwork

9. Try Before You Buy

  • Inspect new equipment
  • Try new technology
  • Work with it before you buy
  • Gain equity in the equipment you rent through a
    Rental Purchase program

10. Nicest Benefit: Flexibility

  • Return equipment when the job is done
  • No need to worry about disposal and selling costs
  • No need to worry about utilization
  • No obligation
  • No depreciation